• District Nurse: Wanda Hays, RN
    Phone: 361-275-1900 x117

  • To ensure our students are safe and healthy, please contact your campus nurse or myself if your child has medical concerns we need to be aware of.

    JCF- Brittany Bialek, LVN 275-1900 Ext. 603
    Hunt- Jennifer Davis, LVN 275-1900 Ext.511
    CJHS- Robin Kurtz, LVN 275-1900 Ext. 303
    CHS- Nicole Bauer, LVN 275-1900 Ext. 208
    District Nurse- Wanda Hays, RN 275-199 Ext.117
    We are required to get a new plan of care each school year for students with:
    Seizures, Diabetes, Allergies requiring an Epipen. Food allergies require documentation from the doctor as to what foods the student cannot have. Working together we can ensure the safety and health of all our Gobbler students.