PDF Version of Immunization Policy  |  Transcribed below:

    A student must be fully immunized against certain diseases, which include diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella, haemophilus influenza, varicella, hepatitis A, and the hepatitis B series.

    The nurse can provide information on age-appropriate doses.  Proof of immunization and/or illness may be personal records from a licensed physician or public health clinic with a signature or rubber stamp validation.  Students will be given at least thirty days to comply with the immunization policy OR a time that is declared medically feasible to reach compliance.  If a parent has not provided proof of immunization in the allotted time period, students may not be allowed to attend class until the matter is resolved, and truancy charges may be filed.  Students new to the district may not be allowed to enroll if proof of immunizations is not provided.

    If a student is not fully immunized the parent must provide a written affidavit for “reasons of conscience,” or a written physician statement from a U.S. licensed physician stating the required immunization would be harmful to the health and well being of the student or anyone in his family and/or household. This statement must be renewed yearly unless the physician declares this to be a lifelong exemption.

    As of September of 2003, for any student requesting exemption for a reason of conscience, including a religious belief, a parent / guardian must request a vaccine exemption affidavit form, in writing, from the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Immunization and Pharmacy Support, 1100 W. 49th Street, Austin, TX, 78756.  Each child’s name and birth date must be included in the request. (No emails, faxes, or phone requests will be accepted by TDH)  If a student has been enrolled in Cuero ISD prior to September 2003, and has an affidavit on file for religious exemption, that exemption form is valid.