• Head lice, although not an illness or a disease, is very common among children and is spread very easily through head-to-head contact during play, sports, or nap time and when children share things like brushes, combs, hats, and headphones. If careful observation indicates that a student has head lice, the school nurse will contact the student’s parent to determine whether the child will need to be picked up from school and to discuss a plan for treatment with an FDA-approved medicated shampoo or cream rinse that may be purchased from any drug or grocery store. After the student has undergone one treatment, the parent should check in with the school nurse to discuss the treatment used. The nurse can also offer additional recommendations, including subsequent treatments and how best to get rid of lice and prevent their return.
    All nap mats should be made of plastic/vinyl. No pillows, blankets, or cloth will be allowed.
    More information on head lice can be obtained from the TDSHS Web site at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/schoolhealth/lice.shtm.

    See plan of action below:

    Cuero Health Service Head Lice Flow Chart

    If your child/children are sent home with heal lice, they will be given the opportunity to make up any missed classwork/assignment at before-school tutoring when available, after-school tutoring, or Saturday school.
    For additional information, please see the campus principal.