• The district will not purchase medication to give to a student. Only authorized employees, in accordance with policy FFAC, may administer medication to a student at school when the following requirements are met:

    1. Non-Prescription medicine must be in the manufacturer’s labeled container.
    2. CISD is required to have written permission from a parent or legal guardian to administer non-prescription medicine.

    1. Prescription medicine must be in a container with the pharmacy label legibly designating the prescription number, student’s name, physician’s name, and the directions.
    2. CISD is required to have written permission from a parent or legal guardian to administer the medication.

    • Any medication to be given more than ten (10) consecutive days, OR any medication required to be kept at school, will require a Physician’s WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION.
    • Students must bring all medications to the nurse’s office before the bell rings in the morning with the authorization attached.
    • Students taking “sample” medications provided by a physician must bring written instructions from the physician authorizing those medications to be given.
    • An administrator or nurse may request the parent (or responsible adult) of a student in any grade to personally deliver the student’s medications if the administrator/nurse determine the safety of any student may be compromised by not doing so.
    • Over the counter medication dosages must be age appropriate, in date, and must not exceed the recommended dosage and directions on the manufacturer’s label unless accompanied by a physician’s orders.
    • Only FDA approved pharmaceuticals (prescription and non-prescription) manufactured within the United States will be administered. Homeopathic preparations and allergy injections will not be accepted.
    • Secondary Campuses: A student with asthma who has written authorization from his/her parent AND physician MAY be permitted to possess and use a prescribed asthma inhaler at school or school related events. The student and parent should see the school nurse prior to sending the medication with the student.
    • Sunscreen: Students whose schedules provide for regular time spent outdoors, including recess and physical education classes, should apply sunscreen before coming to school. Any student who needs sunscreen to be administered to treat any type of medical condition should communicate with the school nurse so the District is made aware of any safety and medical issues. Student health and well-being is of utmost importance to CISD. Any other needed application of sunscreen will be treated as any other over the counter (non-prescription) medication.

    For any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s school nurse.