PDF Version of Bus Rules and Regulations  |  Transcribed below:


    1.  Students are under the authority of the Cuero Independent School District while on the bus. Students will be picked up and dropped off the bus at the school they are currently attending or their regular bus stop, unless authorized in writing by the parent/guardian and principal of the school they are currently enrolled in.

    2.  Students must be ready to board their bus at their designated bus stop.

    3.  The bus drivers will assign the students seats. The students are to remain in their assigned seats at all times when the bus is in motion and they are responsible for any damage done to their assigned seat.

    4.  Students are not to carry any weapons, explosives, such as fireworks, knives or any other unsheathed pointed objects on the bus.

    5.  Scuffing, fighting and use of profane language will not be tolerated on the bus.

    6.  Student are not to eat or drink on the bus. No can or bottle drinks are to be brought on the bus.

    7.  Tobacco use in any for is prohibited.

    8.  Loud or unusual noises are not allowed on the bus. Any attempt to distract the bus driver will not be tolerated.

    9.  Students must keep the aisles on the bus clear at all times. Any object too large to be held in the lap or placed under the seat will not be allowed on the bus.

    10.Live animals or dangerous objects of any kind are not to be carried on the bus.

    11.The Emergency door is not to be used to enter or exit the bus, unless there is an emergency.

    12.The bus driver and school officials are not responsible for articles left on the bus.

    13.The bus driver will report in writing any persistent or serious misbehavior to the transportation supervisor for discipline action. If the misbehavior is serious enough to threaten the safety and well- being of the other students, the student will be removed from the bus.

    14.No trading cards are allowed on the bus. This includes, but is not limited to Baseball, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Pokemon or any such like cards.

    15.Students are not to use Cell Phones on the bus, unless it is an emergency approved by the bus driver.