• Ascender Parent Portal Quick Guide 

    The login credentials are the same for the Ascender Parent Portal as they were for the TxConnect Parent Portal. 

    At the top right corner of the page you will see three icons: a bell, question mark, person. 

    • Bell: view alerts or create new alerts 
    • Question Mark: access to help resources 
    • Person: access to your account settings and logout 


    At the top left corner of the page you will see the Ascender logo – you can click here to get back to the home screen if needed (defaults to the summary page). 

    In the gray section on the left you will see: 

    • My Students – select a student here 
    • Summary – class schedule and average 
    • Attendance – attendance – current and past 
    • Grades – cycle and semester averages; assignments 
    • Alerts – view/create alerts 



    There are three views: 

    • Detailed: displays attendance details (types of absences, tardies) 
    • Calendar: displays in a calendar view 
    • Totals: displays tardy and attendance totals for the semester 



    Cycle Grades: displays current grade averages for the current cycle and posted averages for previous cycles. Users can click on the hyperlinked grade average to get a popup window to view assignment grades for the current semester. 

    Semester Grades: displays your student’s posted semester and final averages. This data is only available for closed semesters. 


    • Course: select a specific course to view assignments for that course 
    • Cycle: select a specific cycle 
    • View: select type of assignments to view 
    • Click Find Assignments 

    Help: the question mark on the top right corner of the page has instructions specific to what page you are currently on. Please contact your child’s campus office if you have any questions.