• Online Registration

    Step by Step Directions: English Version  Spanish Version
    New Student Registration, for NEW students to Cuero ISD, will be held at each campus on Wednesday, August 7th from 9:00-11:30 and 1:00-4:00. This registration day will strictly be for students who will be brand new to the district. If you've been enrolled with CISD before, then this day does not pertain to you.
    Registration information will need to be submitted online to start the registration process for your NEW student. August 7th will provide access to computer labs at each campus, for those that may not have computer/internet access at home. Attached are the steps you will complete for the online portion of registration. 
    If you do have computer/internet access at home, you may complete these steps at your earliest convenience and submit as normal. 
    Whether you submit your registration at home or from the campus labs, ALL new students must have these 5 documents to complete their registration:
    1. Student's Birth Certificate
    2. Student's Social Security Card
    3. Student's Shot Records
    4. Parent/Guardian's ID
    5. Proof of Residency
    (Student's shot records will need to be verified by the school nurse and checked off before the student may start school).
    The order for the day on August 7th will be as follows:
    • Parents/Guardians of NEW students will register online at the campus on August 7th. Cuero ISD will post when the registration opens online.
    • The Registrar will verify the required 5 documents and make copies to create the student's file.
    • Once the documents are verified, the Registrar will then accept the submitted online registration and pull the information into our system.
    • New students will then be assigned to their teachers (JCF and Hunt) or create their schedules with a counselor (JR High and High School).
    Welcome to Cuero ISD! We look forward to working with you.