• PDF Version of the 20-21 Family Engagement Plan


    John C. French Elementary is focused on empowering families to support the early learning and development of children and by providing families educational opportunities and resources to ensure lifelong success.

    John C. French will establish family engagement strategies that are based on best practices research to support student learning, achievement and family well-being. These practices are proven to demonstrate positive short-term and long-term outcomes for early childhood education.

    A. Facilitated family-to-family support using strategies such as:

    • Activities building positive and productive relationships where families can learn from each other.
    • Provide a safe environment at each campus to promote family engagement, considering the different barriers that hinder family involvement. (“Meet the Teacher and Family Nights, Color Run, Thanksgiving Lunch, PTO, Christmas Bizarre, and Painting Night, Family Movie Night, and the Tattoo Crew)
    • Assist families at the beginning of the year face to face conferences in understanding the academic requirements and supports we can offer students to help them in obtaining their goals.

    B. Establishing a network of community resources using strategies such as:

    • Cuero and Victoria support our students with certificates from local business.
    • Jason’s Deli, McDonalds, Sonic, Cherry Berry, Stripes
    • Other Partners that support our school: Education Foundation, HEB, Walmart, Cuero Lions Club, Dewitt Coop, Keep Cuero Beautiful, Dewitt County Agrilife, and Full-of- Pep, Farmers Insurance, and State Farm Insurance
    • Truancy Program through the Juvenile Probation Office
    • Cuero Police Department and DPS troopers


    C. Increase family participation in decision-making using strategies such as:

    • Families will be given the opportunity to give input on campus climate surveys, at the end of the year, surveys about future programs, surveys about their needs, survey about family engagement, etc.
    • Parents will be included in the DPOC, as well as CPOC
    • SHAC (School Health Advisory Council)
    • Fall and Spring Title One Meetings
    • PTO Executive Committee


    D. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning using strategies such as:

    • Family Engagement Reading Night providing work sessions on developmentally appropriate activities to utilize at home.
    • Individual family conferences at the beginning of the year and the end of the year
    • Providing all parents, a guide for reading with their child at home
    • Marvelous Mondays- Extended hours with special programs in the library and access to the computer lab for Rosetta Stone and other programs
    • School Services Ms. Green and Mrs. Blackwell
    • At Home access to Istation
    • Literacy Bags provided to every student at John C. French to promote summer literacy
    • Guided Reading Books sent home for reading
    • Facebook Page
    • Technology Resource list for at home practice
    • Zoom Meetings
    • Remote learning opportunities during COVID-19 at home learning


    E. Assist staff in developing skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children's learning benchmarks using strategies such as:

    • Heinemann two day training on our new Phonics, and Reading curriculum
    • BAS training for teachers from our Reading Interventionist
    • Teacher observing teachers
    • Handwriting Without Tears training
    • Data digs
    • Teacher data meetings
    • Book Study
    • Weekly PLCs
    • Team discussion and planning
    • Fundamental Five
    • TMSS meetings with parents, teachers, administrator, and interventionist


    F. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement using strategies such as:

    • Set child-centered goals with parents
    • Family engagement goals in the Campus Improvement Plans
    • The district will survey parents annually on the effectiveness of their child's grade experience and parent involvement opportunities
    • Evaluate programs annually within the district curriculum staff


    In conclusion, the John C. French Elementary hopes to use this Family Engagement Plan to promote shared responsibility to increase and enhance the collaboration of staff with parents.  All efforts will be focused on improving the education of all students in an innovative way that will help them become lifelong learners who will be successful.

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