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Spinal Screenings for 5th grade girls

In accordance with Texas Law, Cuero ISD Health Services will be performing mandatory Spinal Screenings for 5th and 7th  grade girls and 8th grade boys. This screening is done to detect abnormal curvature of the spine that can appear during the years of rapid growth. It is most important to detect the abnormality early so treatment can be provided. Without treatment, undetected scoliosis can worsen rapidly during the growth years and result in physical deformity, limitation of physical activity and other more serious complications.
Dates of screening: 5th grade girls: Thursday, October 12
                                                              7th grade girls- TBA
                                                               8th grade boys- TBA
Girls will be screened in their sports bra and boys will be screened with no shirt to assess the spine.
If your child shows any sign of a possible deformity, parents will be notified in a written packet from their campus nurse.
For any questions, please notify your campus nurse or 275-1900 Ext. 117.