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Online Registration for Students

Online Registration for Students

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for entrusting us with the educational care of your child for the 2023-2024 school year. CISD is looking forward to a safe and enriching year for all of our students.

A few things are new for this school year, such as Back to School Registration. This year’s registration process is online. To compile the required information for the 2023-2024 school year, we ask that you please fill out the necessary enrollment forms that are available through the Parent Portal. This registration process is required of all students attending CISD.

First, you will need to create your Ascender Parent Portal Account, if you have not already done so. Go to and click on the Parent/Community tab, then click on the link under the ‘Parent Portal Help’ ( To create your Parent Portal account, please follow these steps:
1. From the Login page, click Create Account.
• Create user name and password (make sure you keep track of this information).
• Enter your valid email address and mobile number.
• Set up a security question.
2. Log on.
3. Verify your email address under My Account (you MUST verify your email or the next steps will not work).
Once you have your Parent Portal account created, you will need link your CISD student to your profile. To add an existing student to your account, please follow these steps:
1. Obtain your students Parent Portal ID from the student’s campus registrar.
2. From the My Account page, click the box that says Link an Enrolled Student.
3. Enter the student’s Date of Birth and Parent Portal ID.
4. Click Add.
Now, you will be able to access the Registration Steps for your student, within the Parent Portal. From ‘My Account’, you should see your student’s profile and the ‘Summary’ tab to the left of the screen. Once you are there, it will open up a window asking you to Resume Registration. Click Ok and then Start Registration. All forms must be complete, it will show your status to the left of the screen (changing from red to green after each forms’ completion). Once all forms are complete, you will see 100% completion and can hit Submit.

If you have any issues with your account, or if you cannot see your student’s profile/registration, please contact the campus Secretary/Registrar.

Thank you,
Bailey Bullock
PEIMS Coordinator

Student health and safety is of the utmost importance in Cuero ISD. To ensure your child/children's health needs are met, we need current emergency information including contact numbers, permission to provide emergency care if parent/guardian is unavailable and current health conditions. If this information is not completed online, we will be sending a paper form home with each student.

Thank you,
Wanda Hays
District Nurse