PDF Version of Special Needs Transportation  |  Transcribed below:


    Parent Responsibilities

    •Your child should be fully dressed, toileted and ready at the bus stop (5) minutes before

    pick-up time.

    •Accompany your child to the curb.

    •Notify your Transportation Department , on a daily basis, when your child does not need transportation.

    •Notify  the  school  IN  ADVANCE  if  your  address,  phone  number  or  child  care

    arrangements change.

    •If the driver has to wait at your stop longer than two (2) minutes  for you or your child, they are instructed to proceed.

    •At DROP OFF time, you or a responsible party should meet your child at the curb so that

    the driver can make custodial transfer of your child.

    •Students who are not met at the PM bus stop will be returned to the school or turned over to Cuero Police.

    Student Behavior

    • We expect ALL students to follow the School Bus Safety Rules for the safety of your

    child and others who ride the bus.

    •Bus behavior problems are reported to the school by the Bus Driver or Attendant.

    •The Principal’s office decides what the disciplinary action will be, such as: detention, suspension from school, suspension of bus riding privileges, and parent conferences to enforce safe behavior on the bus.

    Bus Driver Responsibilities

    •School Bus Drivers are professional drivers with special training and a commercial driver’s license.

    •They are employees of Cuero Independent School District.

    •They are responsible for driving the bus safely, transporting the students, and staying on


    •If there is not a Bus Attendant, the Bus Driver performs the Bus Attendant’s duties.

    Bus Attendant Responsibilities

    •School Bus Attendants assist the drivers to be sure that all of the students are safe on the


    •They secure seat belts, wheel chairs, and any other necessary supports, etc.

    •Attendants  maintain  discipline;  see  that  the  students  stay  in  their  seats,  and  report

    problems to the schools.

    •They seek emergency medical help when needed.

    •Bus Attendants are provided where they are most needed.

    •Bus Attendants cannot come to your door with your student as a general rule.

    •Modification  of  the Attendant’s  duties  may be  described  in  the  student’s  Individual

    Education Plan (IEP).

    •Bus Attendants work with the students in and around the bus.