• Cuero Special Education Procedures

    Every Parent's Right

    Under IDEA, every parent has a right to request a full individual evaluation for special education for their child. Please follow the steps below if you as a parent feel that your child may have a disability and presents with a need to be evaluated for special education services.

    Step 1: Put it in Writing

    Submit a written statement to the Director of Special Education that details your request for special education evaluation. This can be submitted to the campus principal as well.

    Step 2: Data Gathering

    The special education department will initiate informal data gathering on the campus to look at progress in the general education environment and also seek parent input including medical information and sociological information.

    Step 3: School Response

    After 15 school days, the district will either respond with a denial or acceptance of the referral. You will receive a written notice detailing the district's response to your written special education evaluation request.

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