COVID-19 Update: March 18, 2020

Dear Gobbler Family,

Thank you again for being patient with us as we gather information and make decisions.

Updates and clarifications:

*We are currently on Spring break. No students are at school. If they are there it is of their own choice. Using the track, playing ball with friends, etc. Schools are not open.
*Today is a big day in the decisionmaking process, we are going to get a lot of information on school closures and current emergency management procedures.
*I will be in meetings with state, regional, and local decisionmakers most of the day.
*We will explore the logistics of educating, feeding, and providing services for students and staff for the next several months.
*Friday is still the day we will release information/ plans regarding the next steps.

Once again thank you for your patience, we get new information hourly and I will try to answer questions as quickly as possible.

For the Children,

Micah A. Dyer, Ed.D.
Cuero ISD


Covid-19 Info

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