Cuero ISD Gifted/Talented Screening

Cuero ISD

Gifted/Talented Screening


Cuero ISD will begin the screening process to identify students for the Gifted/Talented Comprehensive Program.  Cuero ISD serves students in a pullout program for K-5 students and in Honors and AP classes at the secondary campuses. If you think your child fits many of the characteristics of gifted students listed below, you may nominate your child for screening.


  • Uses an advanced vocabulary
  • Has an extensive, detailed memory—remembers more and retrieves from memory quickly and easily
  • Understands complex concepts
  • Generates complex, abstract ideas.
  • Infers and connects concepts
  • Learns quickly and easily
  • Develops learning skills ahead of his/her peers
  • Shows originality/invention in ideas
  • Ponders with depth and multiple perspectives.
  • Has a high degree of concentration in areas of interests
  • Seeks out a challenge; finds and solves difficult and sometimes unusual problems
  • Reads a great deal on his/her own


If you wish to nominate your child for consideration for the Cuero ISD Gifted/Talented Comprehensive Program, nomination forms are available at the counselor’s office at your child’s campus.  These forms include a nomination form and a form granting permission to do additional testing.  The process of identifying students includes nomination, screening, testing, and committee review. Nomination is the first step in the selection process and does not guarantee placement in the program.  Nomination forms must be completed and turned in to your campus counselor’s office by October 16, 2020.  If additional information is needed, please contact your campus counselor.


A Gifted Talented Awareness session will be held virtually through Zoom on October 6 at 5:00 pm.  Please let your campus counselor know if you’re interested in receiving the Zoom link.

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