Human Resources: Employment / Job Postings

Last Updated: 8/6/2021 1:53 AM


The CUERO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT is accepting applications for the following positions.  Apply for positions here. For more information, please contact Jessica Hernandez at 361-275-1914.  

Teacher Pay Scale

To obtain an application, activate an application currently on file, or receive a complete job description, please contact Jessica Hernandez at (361) 275-1914. 

Cuero Independent School District 
960 E. Broadway
Cuero, Texas 77954

Each applicant is required to either complete the application online or to send the following information to the address listed above: 
-Completed Cuero I.S.D. application form 
-Complete resume 
-Copies of all transcripts

We also ask that you give three individuals the Cuero ISD personal reference form, have them complete the form, and send it to the address above (may also be completed online).

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