Cuero ISD Health Services

Last Updated: 8/16/2021 9:45 PM
District Nurse: Wanda Hays, RN
Phone: 361-275-1900 x117
CHS: Nicole Leist, LVN
361-275-1900 x208

CJH: Barbara Flessner, LVN 
361-275-1900 x303
Hunt: Jennifer Davis LVN
361-275-1900 x511

French: Robin Kurtz, LVN

361-275-1900 x603

Cuero ISD Health Services Mission Statement

It is the goal of CISD Health Services to support the mission of Cuero ISD “to empower all students to reach their potential and become responsible, respectful citizens”. We believe that the growth and development, safety, and achievement of students are directly related to the health of each individual. We strive to:

  • offer professional health services in a timely manner for all students and staff,
  • educate students regarding their health and nutrition,
  • instruct personnel on pertinent health issues,
  • encourage students and staff to take responsibility to improve their health,
  • assess students regularly for abnormal findings and refer accordingly,
  • guide parents in addressing health related matters, and
  • promote wellness among all students and staff.

These aims will be achieved in accordance with local policy and legal guidelines and recommendations from Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

SHAC( School Health Advisory Council)

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