Health Services

Last Updated: 3/24/2021 8:33 PM

District Nurse: Wanda Hays, RN
Phone: 361-275-1900 x117


CHS: Nicole Leist, LVN
361-275-1900 x208
CJH: Barbara Flessner, LVN 
361-275-1900 x303




Hunt: Jennifer Davis LVN
361-275-1900 x511
French: Robin Kurtz, LVN

361-275-1900 x603

SHAC( School Health Advisory Council)

The Mission of the CISD SHAC is to assist students and staff in achieving and maintaining optimal health status in a manner that is sensitive to student/staff diversity and promotes and preserves student and family autonomy, dignity and rights.

Meeting dates for 20-21


Agendas:  09-10-2019 / 11-12-2019 / 02-11-2020 / 04-14-2020

MInutes: 09-10-201911-12-2019 

SHAC Information:

The goals of the Cuero ISD SHAC are:

  • Increase parent involvement with SHAC and other health related events
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of new Wellness Guidelines
  • Enhance pier mentor group including topics of bullying, safe social networking, and mental health awareness
  • Increase opportunities to establish family lifelong exercise habits
  • Collaborate with community to provide healthy, active events for students, families and district employees
  • Increase awareness of mental health concerns; continue annual trainings of staff ; provide educational opportunities for students and parents
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees about areas of coordinated school health that could be altered to improve the health of Cuero ISD students and staff


Cuero ISD Health Services Mission Statement

Full Service Local Health Departments and
Districts of Texas


Zika Information

Zika Info:  English / Spanish

Zika Virus Info:  Text  |  Video

Health Services' Websites:

Texas Department of State Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Meningitis Information

CDC Flu Guide:  Page 1  /  Page 2


Flu numbers are on the rise in our community as well as our schools. We are needing your help to ensure our students remain  healthy. If you or your child is ill with flu or flu-like symptoms please stay at home. Students should not return to school until they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.  Please note students cannot return to school before the date noted by the doctor. 

Please refer to the following:
How Do I Know If I Have The Flu | Flu Guide For Parents

Mental Health Resouces

Healthy Tips for Healthy Kids

Steroid Law

Snacking Tips

e-Cigarette Info 

Texas Flu



Immunization Info:

20-21 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Grades K-12 (Bilingual)

Letter to Parents - Required K-12 Immunizations for 20-21 (Bilingual)

Letter to Parents - Required 7th Grade Immunizations for 20-21 (Bilingual)

More Information on Immunizations

Covid-19 Informaiton

Flu Information | Flu Letter



Cuero ISD encourages you to get your child vaccinated early to avoid the end-of-summer vaccination rush.  Schedule an appointment now with your child’s physician.  The Dewitt County Health Department also administers immunizations to Medicaid and no Insurance patients.



Medication Form

Seizure Action Plan

Asthma Plan

Allergy & Anaphylaxis

Policies and Guidelines:

Cuero ISD Health & Wellness Policy

Cuero ISD Student Tobacco Use & Possession Policy

Food Allergy Guidelines

Cuero ISD Approved Snacks

Cuero ISD Safe Schools Policy

Cuero ISD Health Curriculum Policy

CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health)

Cuero ISD Educator Ethics Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines

Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative

Random Drug Testing Policy

Random Drug Consent Form

Parent Drug Testing Letter

Cuero ISD Immunization Policy

Cuero ISD Pediculosis (Lice) Policy

Cuero ISD Medication Policy

Cuero ISD Asthma Policy

Cuero ISD Traumatic Injury Response Protocol