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Last Updated: 4/8/2020 3:24 PM

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Tips for Success:  Take Notes. Stay on Pace, Ask for Help when you need it. Avoid Plagiarism
Please email your teacher if you have any questions.

System Requirements for Edgenuity  The Chrome browser is recommended.

Bammert (Counselor) Contact Cindy Bammert at
if you need any assistance or have any questions.
Porter (Counselor) Students may use their school email address
to make contact with questions or concerns
and to request a Zoom meeting. 

Zoom meetings will be scheduled and
held using school email.

Rico (Counselor)

Remind Code: 3bbgdc
Remind Invite Instructions
For seniors that need help completing
college applications, scholarships,
or FAFSA, or have any questions. 

Or you can email

Anderson Teacher Webpage
Arlitt Google Classroom
Baros Teacher Webpage
Caudillo Teacher Webpage
Remind code for Geom Honors: @g847ab
Remind code for Alg 1: @bcaudillo
Crain (OnRamps) OnRamps Instructure
To complete profile and registration information
the link is
Crain (US History Honors) Teacher Website
Davis Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
Eichhorn (Credit Recovery)

Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom

Fletcher (US History)

Google Classroom Code: 75trma3

Goode Teacher Webpage
Hartley (Geometry) Edgenuity
Hermes Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
Hilburn (English) Google Classroom
Hollingshead Google Classroom
Howard (Cosmetology) Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
Kitchens (Prof Comm) Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom Code: 5xhl5xa2
Remind Code:  @procomki
Kitchens (English III)

Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom Code: dy25k26
Remind Code:  @engiiiki

Lemke  Google Classroom
Teacher Webpage
Longbotham (Sociology, World History, US History) Teacher Webpage
McCarter Google Classroom
Teacher Webpage
McCormick (English IV) Google Classroom
Mica (Alg 1, World History Edgenuity
Moseley Google Classroom
Teacher Webpage
Moyer Google Classroom
Teacher Webpage
Nemec Email
Nichols Google Classroom
Notaro (World Geography) Edgenuity
Patek (World History) Edgenuity
Paxton (all classes) Teacher Webpage
Rangnow (SWAS) Edgenuity
Salm (IPC) Teacher Webpage
Salm (Aquatics) Teacher Webpage
Salo Teacher Webpage
Scott (AP Calculus/AP Physics) Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
AP Classroom
Scott (Computer Science I and II) Teacher Webpage
Scott (DE PreCal/College Algebra) Teacher Webpage
Scott (PreCal Honors) Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
Smith Teacher Webpage
Spanish (Hotz, Rojas, Buehring)

Hotz Teacher Webpage
Rojas Teacher Webpage
Buehring Teacher Webpage
Buehring Remind Code: @dbuehr for Spanish 2
Hotz Remind Code: @sp2hotz for Spanish 2
Hotz Remind Code:  @sp3hotz for Spanish 3
Hotz Remind Code:  @sp4hotz for Spanish 4
Rojas Remind Code:  @sp1rojas for Spanish 1
Rojas Remind Code:  @sp2rojas for Spanish 2

Stanford Google Classroom
Teacher Webpage
Stolle (English I)

Remind Code:  @stolle2018
Google Classroom Code:  aq5yfjn

Stolle (English I Honors) Remind Code:  @cuerohonor
Google Classroom Code:  i7lous5
Stovall Google Classroom

Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom Code: 
Dance:   4kv7w   |   Adv. Art:   K6b7Krh   |   Art 1:  Kbk35id

Tronicek (Helath Sciences) Teacher Webpage
Google Classroom
Turk (Choir) Barbershop Harmony Society
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
Sight Reading Factory
  Sight Reading examples
Smart Music
  Guided play along for band music and solos
Teoria Music Theory
IMSLP  Petrucci Music Library
Free Drumline Music
Varela (Band) Sight Reading Factory
  Sight Reading examples
Smart Music
  Guided play along for band music and solos
Teoria Music Theory
IMSLP  Petrucci Music Library
Free Drumline Music
Vlasin (Geometry, Alg 1) Edgenuity
Vlasin (AQR, Resource Geometry) Teacher Webpage
Wagner, Mary Beth (English I)

Remind Code:  @fcd99b
Teacher Webpage

Wagner, Shannon (all classes) Teacher Webpage
Woods (Yearbook) Remind Code:  @woodsyb1
Woods (Journalism) Remind Code:  @woodssj1
Woods (English III) Remind Code:  @lwoodseng3
Woods (English III Honors) Remind Code:   @woodseng3h