Community & Student Engagement Survey

TREA-CASE Evaluator Registration Instructions
School districts  are required to evaluate itself and each of its campuses in eight specific categories.   Cuero ISD values feedback from its community, and we
appreciate you taking the time to submit an evaluation of various programs within our district as they relate to community and student engagement.

To begin the evaluation, you must click on this link:
and follow these steps:
1. Enter your email address
2. Choose a password
3. Enter: 062901 as Cuero ISD County District Number
4. Click "create account" in the bottom left corner.
5. Select the campus or campuses names you are evaluating and click "save campus" in the bottom left corner. This takes you directly to your campuses welcome message and evaluation page.
6. Click on "Continue to Evaluation" at the bottom of the welcome message.
7. Slide the evaluation tool from "NA" to "10" to indicate your belief in the success of each program with "10" being Superior and “NA” meaning “Have no Knowledge” or “Not Applicable”. You may also enter general comments related to the area that you are evaluating. This option is completely voluntary and is not necessary for the district to be in compliance with this assessment.
8. The evaluation should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
9. When completed with all of the questions the program will give you a screen that says: “Evaluation Complete”
10.Click on “My Account” tab at the top of the page.
11. Click “Log Out”
12.You have completed the process.

If you need assistance, please contact our district office, 275-1922 or your campus office.
Thank you.