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Welcome to Hunt Elementary where we proudly help educate students in grades 1-3. We are excited to guide your child in enjoying positive educational experiences and look forward to partnering with parents in fostering academic success. Please feel free to contact us anytime concerning your child's well-being. You may reach us at (361) 275-1900 X 5. Sincerely, Bridgette Cerny Hunt Elementary Principal

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Tips for better iPad Care

  1. The iPad will run better if you do a power shut down every week.
  2. The iPad will work faster if you close apps you have opened.  Do this with a double click of the home button then swipe up on the app’s picture.
  3. Turning off most locations on games and other things you don’t need also helps the iPad run faster.
  4.  You can put restrictions on a child’s iPad to limit gaming or music or App Store activity.
  5.  It’s always great to write down all passwords and passcodes so you can remember them.
  6.  When taking the iPad off the charger pull from the hard plastic portion of the cord not the softer wire portion of the cord.
  7.  Never chew on any part of the cord.  The power brick is $15 and the cord is $15 to replace.
  8.  Changing the time on the iPad will prevent Internet access.
  9. Turn off the Blue Tooth feature will conserve battery power.
  10. Turning down the screen display intensity will save battery power.
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Congratulations to our GOBBLER OF THE WEEK, Senior Tyler Elliott !

Tyler is one of those students you can't help but like.  For the past four years he has been a trainer for the Gobblers.  He loves football and says "He will always support the Gobblers on and off the field."  Tyler is an A/AB honor roll student.  His favorite pastimes are fishing and hunting.  Tyler plans to attend a tech school after graduation.

Once again, Congratulations to our GOBBLER OF THE WEEK, Tyler Elliott !

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