Tech: Outlook Email

Outlook Training videos:

The new Email system will be Outlook on July 5.

- Everyone's existing Email items will be moved.
- Everyone's Email contacts (address book) will be mainually moved after July 4.
- Everyone's First Class Calendar cannot be moved and each user will have to manually re-create their calendar entry's in Outlook.
- A variety of Mobile App's can be used for Outlook Email.  Each will require a server name that is not yet available.  It will be published as soon as it is determined.
- A series of how-to videos are being published here.

#1-Making Switch to Outlook 2010

#2 Mailbox Management

#3 Keyboard Shortcuts

#4 Outlook Calendar

#5 More Keyboard Shortcuts

#6 Tame your Inbox.

#7 Email signatures

#8 Even More Keyboard Shortcuts.

#9 Search Folders

#10 Automatic Replies

#11 Mail Conditional Formatting

#12 Electronic Business Cards

#13 Save Time with Templates

#14 Outlook & RSS Internet Feeds

#15 Use Views to stay Organized.