Choral Dept.

Choir UIL Calendar: 

October 4th: Phase Auditions for those in Mixed Region who are sections greater than 80.

October 11th: Mixed Region Auditions

October 17th and 18th:  Junior High Region Auditions 

October 25th: Treble Region Auditions

November 1st: Junior High Concert and Clinic for those who make the All Region Choir

November 7th and 8th: High School Concert and Clinic for those who make the All Region Choirs 


Non UIL Choral Events: Please check for additions to this calendar!!! Please check which choirs are involved in each event carefully. 

September 13th: for Chamber Choir only: Staccato 

October 4th: Choir Concession Stand at Rodeo*** We need help with this fundraiser. 

October 27th: High School Choir Concert at 7:00 p.m. location to be added. 

November 5th: Renaissance Festival for select High School students: (waiting upon approval) 

November 11th: Veteran's Day morning performance for High School Choir only 

November 15th: Choir Concession Stand at Rodeo***We need help with the fundraiser. 

November 23rd: Sunday afternoon performance for all choirs at the Rampage Ice Hockey game in San Antonio 

November 24th: Christmas Tree Lighting

December 11th: Christmas Concert for all Choirs. 

Please check for additions to the calendar. Aristocats and Wizard of Oz performances to be announced. 

All choirs members will have the option of fundraisers to help pay for extra events. Please check for these dates as well.