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Texas has confirmed nine cases of enterovirusD68 among Texas residents in the Dallas area. EnteroD68 is a respiratory illness with children 5 years of age or less AND children with asthma at a seemingly higher risk. Don’t panic; the provided information below will help in minimizing your risk of getting the D68.

You can protect yourself and your children by:

  1. Covering all coughs and sneezes.
  2. Washing hands frequently with soap and water.
  3. Avoiding touching eyes and mouth with unwashed hands.
  4. Disinfecting frequently surfaces.
  5. Staying home if sick.
  6. Ensure child’s asthma medicine including supplies for nebulizers are current and at reach

If a child is having difficulty breathing, parents or other caregivers should seek medical treatment immediately.

See CDC website for additional information.

Below are CDC resources about EV-D68 developed for parents:

October 1st is the traditional start to flu season. The 2014-2015 seasonal flu vaccine is available throughout Texas. DSHS encourages everyone 6 months or older to get vaccinated yearly to protect themselves and others from the flu. See DSHS website or visit for more info…


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