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Healthy Tips for Healthy Kids
2014-15 Texas Minimum State Vaccine
Requirements for Students, Grades K-12
Cuero ISD Health Services Mission Statement
Full Service Local Health Departments and
Districts of Texas

Drug Testing Policy

Steroid Law

Texas Department of State Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cuero ISD Health & Wellness Policy

Cuero ISD Student Tobacco Use & Possession Policy

Cuero ISD Approved Snacks

Cuero ISD Safe Schools Policy

Cuero ISD Health Curriculum Policy

CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health)

Cuero ISD Educator Ethics Policy

Cuero ISD Suicide Prevention Policy

Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative

Cuero ISD Immunization Policy

Cuero ISD Pediculosis (Lice) Policy

Cuero ISD Medication Policy

Cuero ISD Asthma Policy